A Solid Finish to a Tough WCOOP | Matt Stout Poker Blog October 21, 2011

It wasn’t a recovery of Eminem proportions or anything, but here’s the tale of how I made a bit of a comeback to close out WCOOP feeling pretty good.

This is how I felt inside mid-WCOOP, despite staying pretty calm and focused.

After posting a fairly dejected blog about my mediocre results as I headed into the final weekend of the World Championships of Online Poker, I managed to turn things around a little bit. I took down the $55+rebuys on Stars, which I was actually playing the mid-stages of while I wrote that blog, for ~$11k.

I made a deep run in the final $215 WCOOP event that paid over $250k to first. I got off to a good start and was in the top 50 in chips for the majority of the tournament. I got a guy to try to spazz it off to me in a ~1 million pot with A4d against my AQc with a little over 100 players left, but the board ran out Q-x-4-x-4.

After a rough WCOOP, I could feel my head trying to implode after that hand. Rather than go on tilt, though, I managed to calm myself down and stay focused on the task at hand. I took that spazzbox to one of my favorite places in the world, Valuetown, over and over. Eventually I stacked him in a ~2.5 million pot with a set of 7’s against his K-K all in on the flop. “JUSTICE!” as my original poker hero Ari Engel would say.

I ended day 1 of the tournament with 3.2 million at 17.5k/35k, which put me 4th in chips with just 64 players left. I lost a 4.9 million chip pot at 30/60k on day two with KsJd < AcQc all in on a AsJs4s flop against a guy who was apparently content stacking off that flop without crushing a single hand in my range when he checkraise-called against my cbet/3bet. It didn't bother me that much though, since not only do I expect players to play like shit deep in that type of event...I downright THRIVE on it. I was down somewhere in the neighborhood of $45k ($30k if you count my PCA package as cash) for the trip, but at least I felt a little more accomplished in a poker sense after the final weekend of play. Despite the fact that I was feeling a bit down on myself leading up to that weekend, I left Costa Rica feeling I played my A game and showed some good results during the final weekend. I got a bit unlucky to lose that ~5 million chip pot in the $215 WCOOP, but I really played well and did everything I could to make a run at another big score. As Shaniac would put it, "The game is the game, I'm at peace with my play." ...And ready to bink a huge score pretty soon, too. After the WCOOP was over I had to head back to the house I'm still stuck owning in Vegas post-DOJ for a few days to pay my taxes and take care of a few issues before I came out to Europe for the LockPRO retreat, WSOP Europe, and now EPT San Remo. However, even the few days I spent taking care of loose ends somehow became blog-worthy imo, so I'll write a separate blog about them soon. Stout