I’m going to go a bit out-of-order to post a quick update about my current tourmament, but will backtrack and write blogs about each tournament soon.

Today will be one of the biggest days of my poker career and life regardless of the outcome. I finished day 2 of WSOP Event 48 ($1500 NL) with 1,062,000 at 6/12k and am second in chips with0 30 players left. 1st place is $650k + a WSOP bracelet. I  only have a few true life goals, and winning a WSOP bracelet is easily at the current

I had a pretty crazy day. I started with 36k at 500/1000 and immediately skyrocketed to well over 100k. I ended up getting moved to one of my best friend in the world’s tables, Joe Cappuccio. We ended up running the table for several hours and both building chip lead stacks without even getting that out of line.

We tangled a bunch, and overall he got the best of me including pulling off one good triple barrel bluff that got me to fold 7-7 on a 6-4-4-K-Q  against his A-J even though I was sooooooooo close to calling.

Eventually I went back on my heater and had someone go ballistic against my A-A for a million+ chip pot, and he ran disgustingly cold and eventually busted in 37th place. It’s hard to call a day as great as today bittersweet, but the kid is like a brother to me and I love him to death so it would have been an unbelievable life experience to play at our first WSOP final table together. Unfortunately it just wasn’t to be. Good game, Joey. =/

“I wish for you a hundred years of success, but it’s my time.” – Jay-Z (

To all of the people who root for me, love me, comment and reply on Facebook/Twitter, root for me silently, or just kinda want me to win in the back of their mind…I love you all. I can’t even express how much your support means to me and carries me through my downswings. Thank you so much for caring.

As usual, I’m going to go in there tomorrow and play my absolute best, since it’s all I can do. As long as I can say that I did, I’ll be happy with myself.



  1. You are the shit matt! I live in colombia and i am gonna blaze a big fat blunt of samarian gold (aka good @#$#*&$ shit) in your honor

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