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This blog marks the first of what is sure to be many free-flowing, unedited rants about myself, my thoughts, my adventures on the tour, and whatever the hell else comes up or happens to be on my mind. Oh, and I suppose the topic of poker may come up from time to time.

Many have you have read my blogs on www.pokerlistings.com, but these blogs are going to be a little different (and hopefully a lot better). While I had a lot of freedom as to what I could say there, I still always felt “trapped in a box” in a way because everything I wrote had to be run past an editor before it was posted on the site.

Well, no more. For better or worse, I will now have the power to get a few beers and a blunt in me and just let her rip, then post it myself (once I actually have the site up and running and I figure out what the hell I’m doing). I’m excited about the prospect of having a much more open dialogue with my readers, while at the same time wondering what kind of damage I’ll be able to do to my reputation by running my mouth. Only time will tell! =)

Holy Christ, how the shit has hit the fan over the past two months! Both for me personally, and throughout the poker industry. While I was in the middle of a break up with my girlfriend (often known in the poker world as “allinat420sgirl” or “allin420girl”) of 4.5 years, the poker industry was hit with a shockwave of effects after “Black Friday” when the US Department of Justice seized the domains of the three biggest online poker sites and forced them to cease operations in the United States. Needless to say, these two things combined to create a pretty big shitstorm of changes in my life!

Now I’m single and left pondering the prospect of getting an apartment or a room at a friend’s place in another country (most likely Vancouver, possibly Amsterdam) once the World Series of Poker is over simply to be able to do what I love to do and have been able to make a significant portion of my living at for the last 5+ years: online poker. I love my country, but this is pretty appalling and puts me in a difficult spot…especially since I just bought a house in Las Vegas in December 2010.

Regardless of what happens I plan on spending a lot more time teaching others how to improve their game, both through one-on-one training and training camps in various locations including Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and possibly the Bahamas. I’ve had great success in training friends and students before, including Joe “Joey Capp/Cappuccio816” Cappuccio and Matt “papamat25/I Pay Ur Rent” Iles, who also happen to be two of my best friends. I’ve always had a passion for teaching and find myself with a LOT more down time now without the full online MTT schedule around, so it seems like a good time to do more of it.

I’d also like to say that in the grand scheme of things post-Black Friday, I’m a pretty lucky guy. I’ve always played a lot of live poker, have backing for live events and can easily sell shares when necessary, can do more poker training, can afford and am able to move out-of-country at least part time, and am in general in a better spot to handle all of this than the majority of players who derived such a significant portion of their income from online poker. Life is still good for me, and the people I feel bad for are the ones who can’t afford or whose family/living situation don’t permit them to move out-of-country or play move to play live poker.

I also feel bad for the people who are losing/at risk of losing their jobs in the poker media industry since a VERY large percentage of their revenue was the affiliate revenue they had pouring in from the online poker sites. Some of the best friends I’ve made over the years on the tour are the folks in poker media. They tend to be some of the coolest and realest people in the world, and I’m happy to call many of them my true friends. It’s really going to suck to not see some of them on tour in the future. =(

As far as the WSOP is concerned, I busted both day 2 of the $5k NL event and day 1 the $10k PL Hold’em today. I feel that I played both tournaments really well despite the fact that I ended up giving the worst player at the table all of my chips in the $10k PL Hold’em Championship. My good pals Blue Moon and Sour Diesel have been helping me cope and get the blogging juices flowing at the moment, but it’s about time that I get some sleep for the first $1k NL event of the 2011 WSOP. Good night guys, thanks for reading.




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