My Start in the 2011 WSOP (Events #4, #7, #8, #10, #13, #14, #15)

My first event of the 2011 WSOP was the Event #4 ($5k NL). I made day 2 with a decent stack, but got short and ran KQ into AA on day 2 to bust. I played Event #7 ($10k Pot Limit Hold’em) since I busted early enough to get in it, but gave my whole stack to the biggest psycho spazzbox I’ve seen in a $10k event in a long time. Most of it went to him when I valued myself to death with K-Q on a K-9-6-K-3 board against his 6-6.


I got off to a good start in Event #8 ($1k NL), but gave it all to some old guy in a huge pot where I shoved my last 3/4 of a pot bet with J-T on a J-T-2-3-7 board. He was nice enough to say “I think I got the nut” before taking fifteen seconds to re-check his hole cards and bother going through the motion of putting chips in the pot to match my river shove. lol nh sir

June 5th was my only scheduled day off in June (assuming I wasn’t on day 2/3 of an event that day), so I decided to do my absolute favorite thing to do during my free time when it’s warm enough in Vegas: go to Lake Mead! My friend Amanda “manderbutt” Musumeci had never been jet skiing before, so I brought her out to the lake with me to show her what getting intoxicated in random coves and hanging out at the back of the Hoover Dam is all about! I hadn’t hung out with Amanda in a couple years so it was nice catching up over a gigantic screwdriver…while trying not to freeze our asses off in the water we didn’t realize was 69 degrees with 20-35 mph wind gusts that day!!!


Maybe I kinda forget just how sore six hours of jet skiing will make me, and maybe part of me just doesn’t care, but either way I went into Event #10 ($1500 NL six-max) feeling sore as hell. I got a two-hour massage from my favorite massage girl to start the day which helped a bit but I was still struggling to stay focused.


I got off to a slow start and was even after the first couple levels, but shot up from the 4500 starting stack to 17k by the 100/200 level. I held in a huge pot where a kid check-shoved A-Q against my K-J on a J-T-x flop and won a few pots against a player who was on my left and relentlessly 3betting me and running into it. I later found out that it was gambit360/damnhomie0 once the table broke and he finally decided to introduce himself to me. lol


Then I got moved to a comically tough table that included Alex “ags104” Santiago, David “Doc” Sands, Brett Richey, and Ray Henson. There was one older guy at the table, who would generally be presumed to be the soft spot of the table…until we found out that he was online high stakes tournament reg “cool0813.” Eventually Brett Richey busted, and they replaced him with none other than Bryan F’n Paris.


I was really happy with myself because I chipped up nicely at this table despite how tough it was. I got it in as a 3:1 favorite preflop against Sands twice and managed to get him the second time. Santiago got a little stubborn blind vs blind against me and finally folded his ace high in a huge pot on the turn…and won’t stop bugging me about what I had since we’re buddies, so I can’t say it here. =X


I ended up bagging 69k at 500/1000 to end day 1, and we were almost on the money bubble. I got a good laugh when I saw my table draw for day 2, because despite having just five opponents at the table, they seated two good buddies of mine — Shawn Patrick Green and Wade Woelfel — directly to my left!


I cruised into the money and chipped up nicely, but lost a huge flop with TT<KQ and doubled Paul Lieu up in a decent spot…but one where I ended up drawing damn near dead. Oops! I won a gigantic flip with AK>QQ for 210k at 1500/3k, then bled away for a while and spewed a few off.


I ended up making a good call all in for 73k into a 68k pot on the turn on a Th-7x-3x-Ah board with J-J against 7h-8h, but lost when he binked the 5h on the river. Although I was obviously planning on cashing for more than ~$8k and finishing higher than 46/1920, I was pretty happy with my run in this tournament because I was playing with a feel and a rhythm that I hadn’t felt in quite a while playing live poker. The last time I’d felt that good, focused, and in tune with my tables was when I final tabled the WPT Foxwoods event in November ’09.


Events #13 ($1500 NL shootout) and #14 ($3k Limit Hold’em) were two of the most forgettable events I’ve ever played at the WSOP, so let’s keep this simple. I stacked it all off on the second hand of the shootut blind-vs-blind with a gutshot, the nut flush draw, and an overcard to my opponent’s K-K but coudn’t get there. Then I played the Limit Hold’em later that day and remembered why I switched over from limit to NL many, many moons ago…because limit hold’em sucks and is excruciatingly boring! I busted shortly after dinner break in extraordinarily unspectacular fashion.


Event #15 ($1500 Pot Limit Hold’em) was about as cool as the previous day’s events! I valued myself to death against some older guy with A-K against A-T on a A-8-6-5-T board, then gave him the rest of the pile with Q-9 against his K-T on a J-9-3-Q board.


It’s damn near 4:20 am and I can barely keep my eyes open, so it’s about time for me to get some sleep before day 2 of Event #18 now that I’ve blogged like crazy tonight. Good night, folks! Thanks for reading my rants and rambles. =)




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