WSOP #18 ($1500 NL): What a Grind

I just grinded about as hard as I possibly could in WSOP Event #18 all day. Now it’s time for me to relax, sip on a nice strong adult beverage with a touch of poison, and do some blogging.


I rarely let small stuff get to me, but managed to be on raging monkey tilt (make “raging monkey tilt” a link to before I even walked out the door today. After not getting nearly enough sleep last night, I came downstairs while already running late to find a pile of crap in the corner and a piss that was half-taken on the pee pad by my 2 year old Morkie, Dutchie…but that was mostly leaked onto the wood and tile below.


Then, to further infuriate me, I realized that the dog was locked up in his cage overnight by my roommate…meaning that this damage had been done the night before and was just waiting to surprise me! Among other small annoyances to further this tilt this morning, I opened the fridge to grab my huge container of pineapple for breakfast. However, one of my roommates had left it on top of a jar of salsa on the door so that it’d fall all over the floor as I opened the door. qp[ejfwpgkjpkraepgo[akeg[eaogkl=[egolqe[ghkeh[qekgh[eogk[epgokle[rhkieqpo-[qkeighpo[ghki-[ehki


I’m not a morning person, but I usually manage to make it to tournaments feeling pretty good…especially thanks to my friend wake ‘n bake. However, I definitely felt a bit off kilter this morning and was actually thinking that I’d consider unregistering…if I weren’t already late and being blinded out at that point!


I was a little more candid with my private text list about my inner monologue mid-tournament than I was on Twitter/Facebook, so here’s the transcript of some of those texts:


2:27 pm

“3400 from 4500 at 50/100 in WSOP18. Had a terrible morning and haven’t won a pot yet, but they’re gna have 2 pry the chips outta my cold dead hands 2 get em.”


4:45 pm


“3250 100/200 WSOP18 As previously stated: cold dead hands. They’re testing my patience, and so far I’m winning.”


7:08 pm


“4650 150/300 COLD. DEAD. HANDS.”


10:37 pm


“11.6k 300/600 WSOP18. 9 hours of patience finally yielded positive results. Doubled QQ through Adam Schoenfeld’s AKs aip”


12:02 am


“15.5k at 400/800 in WSOP18. Busted super short stack w AJ>KTs. Last level of night.”


1:21 am


“21.7k 500/1000 to end day 1 WSOP18. Nvr been so proud of myself for grinding my balls off through a prelim day 1 as this. What a day. Nvr over 4900 til after dinner.”


Well, that about sums it up. There are about 490 players left out of 3,157 entrants, which was the largest single-day field for a $1500 NL in WSOP history. The average stack is about 29k, 324 places pay, and first is $735k. Time to make another run at gold tomorrow!



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