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Borgata: Cause I’m Comin’ Home Again | Matt Stout Poker Blog September 22, 2014

Some people seemed surprised that I decided to skip the first couple weeks of the World Championships of Online Poker in favor of heading to New Jersey and playing the Borgata Poker Open series and Garden State Super Series. Although WCOOP prize pools are tempting, there’s something about the Borgata that always has me coming […]

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So I Thought I Might Die Today… | Matt Stout Poker Blog September 5, 2012

This morning I awoke to the feeling of my bed moving back and forth. I thought that one of my roommates was just being a dick and rolled over ready to say, “Knock it off, asshole!” but saw no one… Vista Las Palmas is the place to be if you’re staying in Jaco Beach. We’re […]

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STOUT’S TIPS FOR FILING TAXES (and beating audits) AS A POKER PRO | Matt Stout Poker Blog April 11, 2012

Obviously dealing with the IRS can be an extremely scary and confusing ordeal until you’re familiar with the process. After playing catch-up for the early years of my career, being audited, beating the audit and having the IRS owe me money, and finally being on top of my tax situation, I feel that I’ve gained […]

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I Cannes Appreciate France | Matt Stout Poker Blog December 16, 2011

Although I grew up with the typical anti-French sentiment commonly ingrained in Americans, I have to admit that I was quite impressed with France in many ways on my trip there in October. There was one couple in particular who helped to change my mind. I was extraordinarily impressed with the castle and the French […]

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