Mmmmmm...fruit salad for breakfast.
Despite a fairly rough WSOP leading up to the $1500 NL event on June 22, I’ve found ways to keep my stress level pretty low and my head pretty level. For some reason I went into this particular event feeling great…and wasn’t surprised to run great from the start. I got it in with bottom pair and a flush draw against top pair and made two pair to double up fairly early. I got paid on a couple big hands, won a flip, and even beat A-A with A-Ko all in pre for 1/3 of my stack. K-K-x flop, no problem.
There was one player who was a thorn in my side at first, because it was a super soft table but he was two seats to my left playing pretty LAG and getting in my way a bit. I’d shown him one four-bet bluff, called him down on two streets with King high when it was good, and paid him off with top pair against his set within the first couple hours.
I made a friendly joke with him about how we were bound to get it all in eventually, and that one of us was probably going to have very little equity. To be honest, I wasn’t even insinuating that it was going to be him who would have very little equity when we got it in, but he shot back with, “Yeah, it’s probably going to be the guy calling down with King high.”
I replied with, “So, what’d you have when I had King high? Jack high, right?” with a smile. He grinned back, and we moved on.
It couldn’t have been more than an hour later that I got him all in on the turn when I’d flopped a set of 5’s on a J-T-5-6 board against his Q-Q for a huge pot. I resisted the urge to make any comments needling him about the 7% equity he got it all in on the turn with, and just said “good game.” =D
I took a brief hiatus in the middle of writing this blog to discover that my Morkie, Dutchie, decided to take a piss on my leather couch. Actually my buddy Pete Lubrano discovered it with his back as he tried to lay down on the couch. Anyone want a dog? Sigh…
Anyway, the hand where I busted the kid I’d been going at it with brought me up to 30k at 75/150 from the 4500 starting stack. I busted a guy with QQ>TT all in on a 7-5-3 flop a little while later and was up to 46k to end 100/200. I was just 2k behind the chip leader in a field that included 2,192 entrants. I was playing well and running incredibly well, so needless to say, I felt GREAT on dinner break.
I’m not entirely certain what it was that I did on dinner break to piss the poker gods off, but it must have been something! To make a long a shitty story short, over the course of the next three levels I lost a 20k flip with AQ<JJ, a 18k pot with AQ<AK on an Ace high flop, and a 35k flip with AK<QQ to bust.
I was inexplicably busto, stunned, but took consolation in the fact that I would at least get to play the $5k 6-max the next day (the topic of my next blog) and had a house full of my friends in town to come home and commiserate with. So that I did.
Apparently I wasn’t the only person in the house looking for things to console themself with at this point in the WSOP. Here’s a tweet from my buddy Joey that was so good that I had to retweet it AND share it with you guys:
Joe Cappuccio
poochpoker Joe Cappuccio

by Matt Stout Poker
haven’t cashed an event out here yet but I have a big dick #andthatkeepsmehappy

(…whatever keeps you going, Joe!)


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